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DooM - Afterburn, Infos, FAQs, Tutorials und Downloads zu DooM und DooM-2
DooM - Afterburn bietet dir Informationen, FAQs, Tuts und downloadbare Dateien zu DooM und DooM-2. Dabei werden die Source-Ports jDoom, gzDoom, Doomsday, Risen3d und andere berücksichtigt. Doom als 3D-Spiel ist ein bekannter Horror-Shooter und Ego-Shooter.

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DOOM.WAD Directory Entries

by Matthew S. Fell

There are over 2000 entries in the DOOM.WAD directory. Most of them can be easily described in groups, and so are not explicitly mentioned in this list. Those described elsewhere are:

All the others are listed here.

There have been several changes from version to version. The "Ver" column indicates in which DOOM versions the lump exists:

Version indicators
Ver EntryIndicates
 no Ver Entry means it is in every version. Most are like this.
1.1it was in 1.0 and 1.1, but not in 1.2 and later. It is obsolete.
1.2it is not in 1.1 and earlier, only in 1.2 and up.
1.6it is not in 1.2 and earlier, only in 1.666 and up.
r it is only in the registered version, not the shareware.
Iit is only in DOOM, it is not in DOOM II.
II it is only in DOOM II, it is not in DOOM.

Lump names
PLAYPAL fourteen 256 color palettes.
COLORMAP maps colors in the palette down to darker ones.
ENDOOM text message displayed when you exit to DOS.
DEMOx x=1-3, are the demos.
ExMyI subsequent entries define a single level's data.
MAPxyIIlike ExMy, but for DOOM II.
TEXTURE1 list of wall texture names and their composition data, used in the SIDEDEF portion of each level.
TEXTURE2rmore wall texture compositions.
PNAMES lists all lump names used as wall patches.
GENMIDI General MIDI standard instrument data.
DMXGUS Gravis Ultra Sound instrument patches.
D_ExMyImusic for a DOOM 1 level.
D_INTER music played on the summary screen between levels.
D_INTRO music played when the game starts.
D_INTROA1.2more introductory music.
D_VICTOR music played on the victory text-screen after an episode.
D_BUNNYrmusic for while a certain rabbit has his story told...
D_*IImusic for a DOOM II level.
DP_*varyPC speaker sound effects.
DS_*varySoundcard sound effects.

Note: In the lump names, x (and y and e) indicates variable ASCII, where * can be replaced by an ASCII string (up to the 8-byte lumpname limit).

All the remaining entries in the directory, except the flats between F_START and F_END, and the "markers" like S_START, refer to lumps which are pictures, in the DOOM WAD graphic format. The flats are also pictures, but in a different format.

The next seven are full screen (320 by 200 pixel) pictures. After that, ST* are status-bar pictures, WI* are for the screens between levels, and M_* are for menus.

Miscellaneous Picture Lumps
HELP1 Ad-screen says Register!, with some screen shots.
HELP2 Actual help, all the controls explained.
TITLEPIC Maybe this is the title screen? Gee, I dunno...
CREDIT People at id Software who created this great game.
VICTORY2rScreen shown after a victorious end to episode 2.
PFUB1rA nice little rabbit minding his own peas and queues...
PFUB2r...a hint of what's waiting in DOOM II.
ENDxrx=0-6, big red "THE END" that gets shot up.
AMMNUMx x=0-9. Small grey digits for ammo count (15/200 etc).
STxBARy1.1x=M or A, y= L or R. Status bar used to be in pieces.
STCHAT1.1Status bar used to have a "chat" box.
STRSNUMx1.1x=0-9. Small red digits.
STWEAPx1.1x=0-5. COOL little weapon icons. Why'd they drop them?
STFRAGS1.1Tiny "FRAG" to be placed on top of part of status bar.
STBAR1.2Status Bar as used in deathmatches.
STGNUMx x=0-9. Small grey digits used on the "Arms" panel.
STTNUMx x=0-9. Big red digits used for Armor, Health, etc.
STTMINUS1.6Big red "-" used for negative frags.
STYSNUMx x=0-9. Small yellow digits used on the "Arms" panel.
STTPRCNT Big red % used in Armor and Health.
STKEYSx x=0-5. Blue/Yellow/Red Keycards and Skullkeys.
STDISK Disk, used at bottom right corner during disk accesses.
STCDROM1.6CD, used during CD-ROM accesses.
STARMS "Arms" panel which replaces "Frags" in non-deathmatch.
STCFNxxx xxx=033-095, also 121. Small red ASCII characters.
STFBx x=0-3. Green/black/brown/red squares, for ST player faces.
STPBx x=0-3. Squares with bottoms, for inter-level screens.
STFSTxy x=0-4, y=0-2. Player face. x=0 is 100% health... x=4 is very low health. y=0 is glancing right, y=2 left.
STFTLx0 x=0-4. Face looking left, player hurt from that direction.
STFTRx0 x=0-4. Face looking right.
STFOUCHx x=0-4. Face looking surprised (hurt bad).
STFEVLx x=0-4. Face with a grin (when pick up new weapons).
STFKILLx x=0-4. Face with a grimace (when killing foes).
STFGOD0 Face with yellow eyes (God Mode).
STFDEAD0 Dead face.
BRDR_* Tiny pictures used as a border between a less-than-full screen view and the "outside" marbleized zone. TL is top left, BR bottom right, you can guess the rest.
WIBONUS1.1Medium sized red text "BONUS"
WIMSTPx1.1x=0-3. Red text "ONE" to "FOUR".
WIMSTBx1.1x=0-3. Grey text "ONE" to "FOUR".
WIMINUS1.6Small red "-" used for negative frags.
WIMAPx x=0-2. 320x200 maps used on inter-level screens for e1, 2, 3.
WIAe0x0y patches used to animate inter-level maps.
WIURH0 "YOU ARE HERE" with an arrow pointing left.
WIURH1 "YOU ARE HERE" with an arrow pointing right.
WISPLAT Splat mark that indicates a completed level.
WINUMx x=0-9. Medium sized red digits.
WILVxy x=0-2, y=0-8. E(x+1)M(y+1) level names in grey/white letters.
WIPx x=1-4. Red "P1" - "P4", for multiplayer summaries.
WIBPx x=1-4. Grey "P1" - "P4"
WIKILRS Small red "KILLERS" going sideways up, for deathmatches.
WIVCTMS Small red "VICTIMS" for the top of the deathmatch chart.
M_DOOM The DOOM logo
M_RDTHIS Big red "Read This!"
M_OPTION "Options"
M_QUITG "Quit Game"
M_NGAME "New Game"
M_SKULL1 The skull indicator with eyes lit.
M_SKULL2 The skull indicator with eyes unlit.
M_THERMO The marker on e.g. the Sfx volume "thermometer".
M_THERMR The right end of the thermometer.
M_THERML The left end.
M_THERMM The middle, repeated over and over.
M_ENDGAM "End Game"
M_PAUSE "Pause"
M_MESSG "Messages:"
M_MSGON "on"
M_MSGOFF "off"
M_EPISOD "Which Epsiode?"
M_EPI1 "Knee-Deep In The Dead"
M_EPI2 "The Shores Of Hell"
M_EPI3 "Inferno"
M_HURT "Hurt me plenty."
M_JKILL "I'm too young to die."
M_ROUGH "Hey, not too rough."
M_SKILL "Choose Skill Level:"
M_NEWG "NEW GAME" (title of New Game menu)
M_ULTRA "Ultra-Violence."
M_SVOL "Sound Volume"
M_OPTTTL "OPTIONS" (title of Options menu)
M_SAVEG "Save Game"
M_LOADG "Load Game"
M_DISP "Display"
M_MSENS "Mouse sensitivity"
M_GDHIGH "high"
M_GDLOW "low"
M_DETAIL "Graphic Detail:"
M_SCRNSZ "Screen Size"
M_SFXVOL "Sfx Volume"
M_MUSVOL "Music Volume"
M_LSLEFT Load/save box, left part
M_LSCNTR Load/save box, center part (repeated)
M_LSRGHT Load/save box, right part

The following entries are markers that do not point to a lump; they have zero size:

Directory markers
S_START marks the start of the item/monster "sprite" section.
S_END is immediately after the last sprite.
P_START marks the beginning of the wall patches.
P1_START before the first of the shareware wall patches.
P1_END after the last of the shareware wall patches.
P2_STARTrregistered wall patches.
P2_ENDrregistered wall patches.
P_END marks the end of the wall patches.
F_START marks the beginning of the flats (floor textures).
F1_START shareware flats.
F1_END shareware flats.
F2_STARTrregistered flats.
F2_ENDr registered flats.
F_END marks the end of the flats.


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