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DooM - Afterburn, Infos, FAQs, Tutorials und Downloads zu DooM und DooM-2
DooM - Afterburn bietet dir Informationen, FAQs, Tuts und downloadbare Dateien zu DooM und DooM-2. Dabei werden die Source-Ports jDoom, gzDoom, Doomsday, Risen3d und andere berücksichtigt. Doom als 3D-Spiel ist ein bekannter Horror-Shooter und Ego-Shooter.

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DooM - xFAQ

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Introduction to the Unofficial DOOM(tm) Specs

by Matthew S. Fell/ Steve Benner



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DOOM is simply an all-time great game. A big factor in its success and durability is the plethora of user-created add-ons. id Software tacitly encouraged these by including the -FILE parameter, and by having a data format that is both straightforward and easy to understand. DOOM is basically two files:

DOOM.EXE is the "engine" which does the display and controls the game
DOOM.WAD is the source of all of the graphics, sound, and map (or level) data that the engine uses.

The -FILE parameter allows small or large external WAD files to be incorporated, changing any number of those graphics, sounds, and maps.

DOOM II has many things in common with DOOM. It uses the same EXE file as version 1.666 of DOOM, and the WAD file format is the same too. It's just the contents of the WAD files that are different: there are more enemies; more pictures; more weapons; more stuff!! The UDS explains in great detail nearly all aspects of the DOOM WAD file format. There is also a chapter (DOOM.EXE) which documents the location of data within DOOM.EXE itself, so that various unusual game-play changes can be made. This information has been updated to apply to DOOM II as well as DOOM.

The specs were originally conceived as an aid to programmers making DOOM utilities, especially map-editors. Coincidentally, there might also be information useful to advanced level designers and players. This material is somewhat technical and it is not recommended for beginners, unless they are determined. This new Hypertext version of the Unofficial DOOM Specs has been corrected and is maintained by Steve Benner as part of The WADster's Guide on the World Wide Web.



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Heretic is a licensed adaptation of the DOOM engine. It was developed by Raven Software, in collaboration with id, and uses the same basic WAD structure.


 Hexen: Beyond Heretic

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Hexen is Raven software's second collaboration with id. In the words of their own programmers: "Hexen pushes the DOOM engine about as far as it can go!" Not surprisingly, the basic DOOM WAD structure has had to be heavily modified to cope. If you're familiar with the DOOM specs, you can skip straight to the details.




Please make sure you have read id Software's LICENSE.DOC and README files that came with DOOM. Pertinent portions of those files are repeated here.



"You shall not: rent, lease, sell, distribute for money or other consideration, modify, translate, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, or create derivative works based upon the Software. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may create a map editor, modify maps and make your own maps (collectively referenced as the "Permitted Derivative Works") for the Software. You may not sell or distribute any Permitted Derivative Works but you may exchange the Permitted Derivative Works at no charge amongst other end-users. In order to commercially distribute any such map editor or data utility you must first sign id's Data Utility License and id reserves the right to deny authorization to commercial distribute the any such map editor or data utility. You may request a copy of the Data Editor License from id."

"(except for backup purposes) You may not otherwise reproduce, copy or disclose to others, in whole or in any part, the Software."


The README says:

"id Software respectfully requests that you do not modify the levels for the shareware version of DOOM. We feel that the distribution of new levels that work with the shareware version of DOOM will lessen a potential user's incentive to purchase the registered version."

"If you would like to work with modified levels of DOOM, we encourage you to purchase the registered version of the game."

If you are making add-ons, plan on them not working on the shareware game, and plan on including statements about the trademarks and copyrights that id Software owns, as well as disclaimers that they won't support your add-on product, nor will they support DOOM after it has been modified.


 The Hypertext Unofficial DOOM Specs

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[Steve Benner]

The Unofficial DOOM Specs have been through a number of revisions, of which this Hypertext adaptation is but one more. I have taken the opportunity to correct some of the errors that had crept into the v1.666 UDS in this version of the DOOM Specs, and have also restructured the document somewhat to make it sit better as a Hypertext document accessible through the World Wide Web, and as part of The WADster's Guide. In essence, however, this is still very much Matthew's work, and I am grateful to him for allowing it to be presented in this way. The original document is also available.

The Official Hexen Specs, compiled and written by Ben Morris in collaboration with Raven Software, were designed to be read in conjunction with Matt's original 1.666 Unofficial DOOM Specs. The Hexen details from those specs have therefore been fully integrated and incorporated into this Hypertext version of the Unofficial DOOM Specs. Thanks go to Ben Morris and Chris Rhinehart of Raven Software for granting permission for this. The original (zipped) document is also available.


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